Weaponized (un)truths: Has the GOP ‘lost its mind’?

Last updated on October 21, 2022

Robert Draper’s “Weapons of Mass Delusion: When the Republican Party Lost Its Mind” focuses exclusively on the GOP during the crucial 18-month period after January 6 and vastly adds to our understanding of the Trump era. Far-right representatives Paul Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Matt Gaetz are part of a new breed of Republican party fighting with their GOP elders. The subtitle of Draper’s book — emphasizing when, not how — Trump-inspired elected officials helped the former president solidify his grip over the Republican party is as important as understanding what has happened to the party.

In this week’s Playbook Deep Dive, Playbook co-author Ryan Lizza unwinds Draper’s chronicle of what has happened to the Republican party, and America, through his character-driven account of the people and events shaping the extremes of American politics today.